“Ron’s insight and strategy into transforming workplaces to more positive results is absolutely what we were hoping for and achieved.”

Verbal Tai Chi in Workplace:
Turning Conflict to Peace and Understanding

Verbal conflicts are unavoidable.  They trigger the brain’s flight/fight response and put it in a reactive state.  This is how people end up figuratively (and at times literally) kicking themselves for saying very unhelpful things they didn’t mean to say  in the heat of the moment.

Tai chi is an internal martial art based on the core practices of maintaining your balance and redirecting the energy of an attack into nothingness.  It reframes conflict as an opportunity for mutual gain. 

Verbal tai chi works on the same principles.  We will teach you how to use the ACT Matrix to stay centred, defuse the impact of a verbal attack and redirect the energy toward peace and understanding. These techniques are also important to master if you want to become a highly effective negotiator and for managing crisis situations, at work or at home.

The verbal tai chi training is delivered via a one day workshop with several follow up sessions (as needed) to help you master these skills.

ACT Matrix

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Follow Up
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