My name is Ron.

I'm a lawyer who embraces coaching because I want to make your work world better.

Though the courtroom first drew me to my profession, I came to realize that the courtroom wasn’t the setting to provide the solutions my clients so often needed.

I could see that in many cases, my clients would have truly benefitted by some clarity about what was truly important in their working world and with some guidance through those difficult conversations.

Knowing this, I started working with executives, managers and their teams outside of the courtroom and created the safe spaces they needed to get to the heart of the matter and manage their working relationship issues.I came to realize that I had always approached my work as a lawyer with a coaching mindset, even before I undertook any formal coach related training.

Over the years, I have helped my clients navigate very difficult and stormy situations. I do this work because there is no greater satisfaction for me than working through challenges with people to create a better working world for them.Besides receiving my LL.B. from Dalhousie University, here is a list of some of my other qualifications to help you and your team find peace again in the workplace.

  • Member of the ACT Matrix Pro-Social Mastermind group training in ACT based coaching, an evidence based neuroscience coaching process
  • Certified Coach – Coaches’ Training Institute• Labour and Employment legal counsel, providing strategic and litigation advice on a range of issues for small businesses as well as large institutions
  • Peer ranked in The Best Lawyers in Canada® – Labour and Employment Law, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Peer ranked in The Best Lawyers in Nova Scotia® in 2016
  • Certification in advanced Transformative Mediation – Institute of Conflict Transformation
  • Certified Mediator in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and Advanced ADR from Stitt Feld Handy
  • Qualified Mediator – ADR Institute of Canada

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As a Lawyer Ron has honed his skills as an active listener and professional negotiator. As a coach Ron uses these skills to develop meaningful conversations with people. His ability to uncover the root of the issue and to motivate his clients adds value to his work.